Elo Boost League of Legends Player Gets Suspended for It

For the record, Elo boosting is a bannable offense in League of Legends according to the rules of LoL developer Riot Games. It’s especially frowned upon when pro players of LoL engage in it, with them risking losing their job as pro players in leaving the game in disgrace. However, loads of pro players engage in this act on the down-low to earn extra change. Yu “XiaoWeiXiao” Xian is one such pro player who did an Elo boost league of legends and got suspended for it for two weeks after getting caught. The allegations were confirmed on Twitter by Hunter Leigh, the Riot eSports manager. They’ve spoken to him about Elo boosting allegations and Xian confirmed misconduct, leading to a suspension and a pending investigation soon after.

Why Engage in the Risky Business of LoL Elo Boosting Anyway?


  • The Daily Dot: According to the Daily Dot, Xian was accused of engaging in MMR boosting after Riot found a WeChat text log between him and another player where he agreed to boost the novice’s account for $1,300. Xian asked the money to be passed to him through PayPal to an account bearing the Skype username and email linked to Alex Gu, thusly implicating him. Gu claims on Twitter that the Skype was mainly used for XWX’s donation money, thus he’s not really an accomplice.


  • Why Do People Elo Boost: It’s because if you can get away with it, it’s advantageous the way stealing stuff allows you to get stuff for free without punishment but at the obvious detriment of the people whom you stole from. It’s morally questionable but unlike stealing it’s more of a victimless crime. If it weren’t banned, it’s roughly the equivalent of having a big brother play difficult levels you can’t beat to get to the more exciting levels.


  • A Means of Leveling Up: Elo boost can be used stealthily and responsibly without you being caught by having the boostee learn from the booster on how to play the game correctly so that by the end of the “contract”, the boostee would know how to play the higher-level account and champions contained herein, with other players none the wiser. Just take note that you’re taking a clear risk by engaging in Elo boosting services, especially if you’re the booster.