No ban as Hand Leveled accounts are sold to you

What if a product gets spoiled immediately after you get it delivered home and use it for a week? You would have to fight with the manufacturer, claim the warranty and get that product serviced by the experts. Since you have the guarantee on the product you could do all this. However, the time that is spent by you in finding the service center, speaking with the support team to ensure that you get the complete warranty on the product would be a headache for you. Usually similar sort of problems would exist when you do not choose the right source to buy the LoL accounts that would be most handy when you have to play the powerful and popular league game.

When the details about the accounts on how they are levelled is not explained to you then there is a chance that you would have to struggle with finding a new source as the newly bought accounts would also get banned if they are levelled with bots. Not many sellers would struggle to level the accounts manually. Hence, it is always good that you read through the details provided at  which talks about how the accounts are created and maintained, what sort of insurance is ensured on these accounts.

The term insurance would make it more worth of spending on these accounts. Whatever money you spend in buying these accounts would never get wasted as the accounts are backed up with the new accounts in the situations where the accounts you bought now would get banned by any reason other than the mistakes done by self. So, when you are cautious in playing with these accounts you could be confident that the show keeps on running until you are bored of playing this game. So, hope it makes sense to play with these accounts.